Changing title details

Find PDF land titling forms for changing title details. These forms can be completed online or printed and completed by hand.

Please ensure that all forms are printed in duplex format, that is, printing on both sides of the page. If this format is not complied with, we will be unable to accept your form at the time of lodgement.

The PDF forms you are about to download have been created to allow you to type directly into the text fields on the page. You can make your changes then save the document to your own computer.

To add or remove a name (owner/proprietor) from a title

Guide Size Format Form
Adding a proprietor or owner 0.15KB PDF T1 / T2  
Removing a proprietor or owner 0.17MB PDF T1 / T2  
Adding a partner 0.16MB PDF T1 / T2  
Separation and/or divorce 0.17MB PDF T1 / T2  
Simple transfer of land 0.17MB PDF T1 / T2  

To change tenancy (joint tenancy/tenants in common)

Guide Size Format Form
Changing tenancy on a title 0.15MB PDF T1 / T2  

To change name (owner/proprietor) following the death of an owner/owners

Guide Size Format Form
Personal representative (tenants in common) 0.15KB PDF T1 / T2 and A1 / B3  
Survivorship - joint tenants 0.17MB PDF A2 / B3  
Joint tenants both deceased 0.16MB PDF A1 / A2 / B3  

To apply for a lost duplicate title

Guide Size Format Form
Replacing a duplicate Certificate of title 0.15MB PDF A5 and B3  
Support for the relief and recovery from natural disaster 0.51MB PDF A5 and B3

To change the name of an owner/proprietor

Guide Size Format Form
Changing name following marriage 0.15MB PDF A5 and B3
Changing name to birth name 0.15MB PDF A5 and B3
Changing name due to a simple error 0.15MB PDF A5 and B3
Changing name by change name certificate, deed poll or license 0.15MB PDF A5 and B3

To lodge a caveat

Guide Size Format Form
Lodging a caveat 0.16MB PDF B3 and C1
Removing a caveat from a property's Certificate of Title0.81MBPDFW1 and AW

Name Suppression

Guide Size Format Form
Name Suppression application pack 0.52MB PDF Name Suppression and Statutory Declaration

This page was last updated on: 14 Feb 2018