NotifyMe is an automated email notification service providing the dealing search status and location change updates for nominated dealings and plans. You can subscribe to any active NotifyMe for free, by using your Landgate Login.

Simply navigate to the Dealing Status Search section and subscribe today. Don’t have a Landgate Login? Register today and get access to this product.

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NotifyMe gives you:

  • details of the current location and status of a dealing or plan
  • a twice daily status check of your dealing or plan
  • email notification when the dealing or plan moves to the next stage in the process
  • notifications will end when the document or plan registration is complete

NotifyMe is useful to:

  • track the status and location change of your dealing or plan
  • provide an alternative to phoning the Call Centre to gain updates
  • save time and money in tracking progress.

What you need to subscribe:

  • a Landgate Login
  • details of the property to locate it in Land Enquiry Services
    • address of the property
    • parcel identifier
    • document number

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Find answers to your most common enquiries about NotifyMe.

I’ve subscribed to NotifyMe but it doesn’t tell me when my document is likely to complete. How do I find this out?

Landgate has a page on the website that displays the Current Turnaround Times for the most common dealings.

Does NotifyMe alert me when something is lodged against my property?

No, NotifyMe is specific to a dealing that is already lodged on the property and tracks is progress from lodgement to registration. If you want to monitor a property to alert you if a dealing is made, then you should see if Title Watch is a better product for you.

How do I expedite the dealing I have a NotifyMe subscription for?

Landgate has had a long standing policy where customers may directly, or through their representatives, request the urgent processing of a range of services provided by Landgate. To ensure you meet the requirements and to follow the process as outlined, refer to the Request to Expedite the Processing of Plans and Documents guide on the Landgate website.

NotifyMe status descriptions

NotifyMe StatusDescription
Under examinationThe document is being examined to ensure it meets all legal requirements before it is registered.
RequisitionedThe document requires additional information from the lodging party to meet legal requirements.
Pending Customer Information
The document requires additional information from the lodging party to meet legal requirements.
Registrars Packet
The document may be prevented or delayed by the creation of a Registrars Packet.

It is possible to order a Status Report to ascertain why the document is subject to a Registrars Packet.

Please refer to Customer Services on 9273 7373.
RegisteredThe document has been completed successfully. Where applicable, the document will be issued.
RejectedDue to additional information not being provided within the period specified in the Requisition Notice, it has been rejected from registration. The document may have to be relodged at Landgate once any deficiencies are attended to, if the transaction is required to be registered.
WithdrawnThe document has been withdrawn from registration at the request of the lodging party.

This page was last updated on: 15 Sep 2021