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Discover who Landgate is, what we do and the legislation that governs us. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do - find out more about our commitments to our customers here. Get access to our land titling forms and fees, information on gross rental values by the Valuer-General and tips and tools about property ownership in Western Australia.

Landgate values all properties in Western Australia for rating and taxing purposes in accordance with the Valuation of Land Act 1978.

Forms & fees

Land titling forms, help guides and fee details are available from Landgate. Staff can help you lodge titling forms, obtain copies of Landgate documents or inform you of the progress of your dealing.

Property ownership

Find how to lodge documents at Landgate and certify original documents for legal purposes, tips and tools for buyers, sellers and investors and fraud prevention measures.

Strata Titles

Whether you’re a strata owner, seller, buyer, tenant or developer – you’ll find information and resources to help you navigate your strata title enquiry here.

Land Transactions toolkit

To keep up to date with changing legislation and best practice, consult the latest policy and procedure guides and brochures.

Legislation & reform

Learn about Landgate’s governing legislation, current reform initiatives and how you can be part of the conversation.

Our customer commitments

Learn about our service commitments, opening hours and locations, registration turnaround times and customer feedback process.

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