​​​​​​​​​​Cadastre subscription service

This SLIP service provides a digital representation of all land parcels (freehold and Crown land) within Western Australia. Through the SLIP Cadastral subscription service, you can access detailed information such as land parcel boundary definition (points, lines, polygons), lot numbers, survey information, boundary dimensions and areas (surveyed and unsurveyed), easements, lodged survey boundaries, unique feature identifiers and retired cadastral polygons.

The Cadastre subscription service data is updated daily and sourced from the Spatial Cadastral Database. You should also refer to the original survey documentation as the information contained within this service should not be relied upon for legal purposes.

Key information and attributes

unique polygon identifier, land parcel identifier (lot on survey), area, boundary dimensions, easements, lodged survey data, retired cadastral polygons, land type (eg reserve, vacant, freehold, leasehold, easement), date modified.

Geometry type: point, line, polygons

Update cycle: daily

Coverage: whole of state

Data download: yes

Accuracy: Positional accuracy is variable and indicated via feature level metadata. This service should not be used for legal purposes. For all legal requirements, please refer to original survey documentation held by Landgate.

You can access more information about the service, including layer data dictionaries at and map and web service URLs at

Need help?

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This page was last updated on: 22 Dec 2021