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All strata properties registered as Strata Titles at Landgate are subject to the Strata Titles Act 1985 (the Act) and will be subject to changes brought about by the Strata Titles Amendment Bill that is proceeding through Parliament.

How the strata changes affect you

As an owner within a strata scheme, not only do you own your lot, but you also have shared ownership of common property with the other owners in your strata scheme in accordance with your unit entitlement.

Under the Act, strata schemes have rules applied to owners in respect of their property which are set out in the scheme by-laws. Each owner has rights and responsibilities that will be exercised in partnership with other owners.

The rights and responsibilities of lease holders are outlined within their lease agreement and in the scheme’s by-laws.

Benefits to owners

Improving the management of schemes

  • strata owners will benefit from improved management procedures
  • strata managers will be regulated and made more accountable to carry out comprehensive statutory duties that will be imposed upon them
  • owners will be empowered to improve their schemes and retrofit their schemes to benefit from renewable energy sources.

Simplifying dispute resolution by:

  • making the State Administrative Tribunal (the Tribunal) the one-stop shop for strata disputes
  • strengthening the Tribunal’s powers to efficiently resolve strata disputes.

Better buyer information

To assist buyers in assessing whether living in strata is the right move for them, the reforms will give people buying into strata better information about their strata lots.  The disclosure form will be easy to read and give guidance on important issues to consider about strata. Some of the better information buyers will receive includes details of strata levies, a statement of the strata company accounts and the minutes from the most recent annual general meeting of the strata company.

Introducing safeguards for termination of schemes

At the moment, it is possible for terminations to be ordered with just one owner applying to the District Court. The reforms will introduce safeguards requiring a transparent process to be properly followed along with a full procedural and fairness review by the Tribunal.

For more information

Find out more about the proposed changes on the All about the reforms page.


Living in strata

Better by-laws to reflect real needs

With an injured knee arising from an accident, a chronic lung condition combined with asthma, and a wheelchair-bound son, the combined 34 stairs from garage to street level to the front door are more than an inconvenience, they are a hazard to Brenda’s health.

Read more about Brenda's story.

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