Valuation roll extracts

Landgate holds formal valuation records for all rateable land in Western Australia. Two types of extracts are available from the official valuation rolls: unimproved value (UV) or gross rental value (GRV) which are determined by the Valuer-General who is responsible for ensuring valuations remain as accurate as possible.

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Valuation roll extracts give you:

  • unimproved land value or gross rental value
  • Certificate of Title (volume and folio)
  • property type
  • land area details
  • local government
  • current and previous valuation dates and amounts
  • past three unimproved land values or gross rental values.

Gross rental value is used for:

  • determining council rates of urban land
  • calculating water agency charges and emergency services levies and some sewer and drainage charges.

Unimproved land value is for:

  • calculating land tax and metropolitan region improvement tax (MRIT)
  • council rates (mostly for non-urban land).

What you need to order:

  • property street address, title number (volume and folio) or lot on plan number
  • debit or credit card
  • email address.

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Find answers to your most common enquiries about land values.

What is unimproved land value (UV)?

For land situated within a townsite the unimproved land value is the site value of the land. In most cases, this takes into account land value only and does not incorporate the value of any buildings or improvements except for 'merged' improvements. Merged improvements relate to improvements such as clearing, draining and filling.

The unimproved land value of land outside of a townsite is based on the value of the land in its original, natural state, taking into account land degradation.

How is unimproved land value determined?

Unimproved land value is determined by reference to the market value of land at the date of valuation. It takes account of all relevant property sales around the time of the valuation.

How often are unimproved land values updated?

Unimproved values are determined by the Valuer-General each year for all land within WA. The new value comes into force on 30 June each year.

What is gross rental value (GRV)?

Gross rental value is the gross annual rental that the land might reasonably be expected to realise if it were let on a tenancy basis from year to year. The value assumes that the landlord is liable for all rates, taxes and other charges therein, along with the insurance and other outgoings necessary to maintain the value of the land.

Where an annual rental cannot reasonably be determined, then an assessed value will be attributed to the property. The assessed value is a percentage of capital value, currently set by regulation at five per cent.

How often are gross rental valuations completed?

Gross rental values are assessed by the Valuer-General every three years in the Perth metropolitan area, and every four to five years in country areas of the State. Valuations are valid as at 1st July of that year.

How is gross rental value determined?

Gross rental value is determined by analysis of rental evidence obtained from property managers, owners and other sources. It represents an estimate of the fair rental value of a particular property. Many factors influence the gross rental value of the property including the location, size of the property, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and the age of the property.

I need a certified copy for legal purposes?

To obtain a certified copy of the valuation roll information contained in a gross rental value extract or an unimproved land value extract please visit one of Landgate's offices. Landgate can provide you with a certified copy of the valuation roll extract information signed by an authorised Landgate staff member to make it suitable for legal purposes.

Can I get an extract for my strata property?

Yes, you can. However, Section 62(1) of the Strata Titles Act 1985 provides that for unimproved land value, the Valuer-General must value the whole of the land subject to a strata plan as a single parcel in single ownership. The rating and taxing authority is required to apportion the value in proportion to the unit entitlement, which is shown on the registered strata plan.

This page was last updated on: 01 Jul 2019