Current turnaround times

The turnaround time (TAT) is the time taken for a document to be registered after it has been lodged. These timings include both electronic and paper lodged documents.

The average working day TATs for the week ending Sunday 2nd August 2020 were as follows.

If you have a document that is time sensitive it may be able to be completed sooner than the average turnaround time. Please refer to our expedite process.

As part of Landgate's commitment to continuous improvement, we welcome your feedback.

Dealings on Existing Titles

The below table shows the average and maximum turnaround time for the top twenty five document types lodged at Landgate. Please note:

  • average turnaround relates to simple and correct documents
  • maximum turnaround relates to complex or incomplete lodgements
Dealing StatusAverage TurnaroundMaximum Turnaround
Application Affecting Encumbrance21.21 Days31.22 Days
Application Affecting Ownership14.52 Days40.23 Days
Application by Survivor20.14 Days44.22 Days
Application for Lost Duplicate Title (Section 75)2.20 Days41.20 Days
Application to Change Name19.06 Days54.21 Days
Application to Withdraw a Caveat2.45 Days25.25 Days
Caveat 3.69 Days33.24 Days
Discharge of Mortgage1.10 Days50.21 Days
Easement16.90 Days50.21 Days
Lease38.24 Days66.07 Days
Memorial10.63 Days33.23 Days
Mortgage1.30 Days77.93 Days
Notification19.77 Days26.04 Days
Notification of Change of Address22.18 Days29.18 Days
Notification under Section 70A20.55 Days22.24 Days
Power of Attorney21.65 Days47.01 Days
Power of Sale31.87 Days33.98 Days
Property (Seizure and Sale) Order1.37 Days12.27 Days
Restrictive Covenant in DeedN/A21.00 Days
Surrender of Lease, Easement, Carbon Cov/Right/P Int25.42 Days42.06 Days
Transfer of Land1.54 Days64.16 Days
Transfer of Mortgage, Carbon Covenant/Right/Plantation InterestN/AN/A
Transmission Application18.64 Days38.06 Days
Withdrawal of Caveat 2.32 Days38.27 Days
Withdrawal of Memorial2.62 Days27.07 Days

Dealings for New Titles- Thursday 06 August 2020

The following estimate of current examination timeframes is based on applications lodged.

Freehold New Title dealings (including Strata Titles) = 12 working days.

This timeframe is for new titles issued using the standard process. If the ‘lot sync’ option was selected, the process may take longer waiting for plans to be endorsed by the WA Planning Commission.

Due to the variability of new title applications, this timeframe is subject to change.

Plan Examination

The following estimate of examination timeframes is based on lodged Deposited Plans and Strata Plans.

Plans (including Strata Plans) in Freehold Plan Audit:

  • High Priority = 4 working days
  • Medium Priority = 4 working days
  • Low Priority = 4 working days

For clarification on priority criteria, please refer to CIB 314 Trial of Revised Plan Examination Priority

This page was last updated on: 06 Aug 2020