Form lodgement

To register changes on a Certificate of Title or other associated titling documents, you must lodge your completed titling forms with Landgate. Landgate will accept your completed forms for lodgement by post or over the counter at our Midland and Perth offices.

Once lodged, Landgate will start a document review and registration process. Processing times do vary so we recommend that you check our latest document turnaround times.

Lodgement fees

When you lodge land titling forms with Landgate you will need to pay a lodgement fee at the same time.

Lodgement fees vary according to the number and type of forms being submitted.

If you are lodging forms with Landgate on your own behalf, you must ensure you have complied with Landgate's Verification of Identity  Practice (VOI practice), where applicable. Not all forms will require VOI. 

Forms that must have VOI, include:

  • transfer of land
  • requests for duplicate Certificate of Title (including replacement for lost title)
  • personal representative (transmission) application
  • survivorship application
  • power of attorney.

Lodging in person

Forms can be lodged in person Monday to Friday (weekdays) from 8.30am to 4.30pm at our Perth and Midland office. View office location and opening hours.

Lodging by post

Send your completed forms with original signatures and other relevant documents, if applicable, to:

Document Lodgement Section
PO Box 2222

The required lodgement fees must be included when posting your forms to Landgate.

Expedite a lodgement

You can request that the examination of a new survey plan and/or document can be expedited subject to a pending settlement or hardship circumstance.

For specific details on expediting a lodgement, please refer to Land Titles Registration policy and procedure guide LOD-05 Request to Expedite the Processing of Plans and Documents.

This page was last updated on: 10 Mar 2021