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Government reporting FAQs

What property transactions are being requested by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)  to be reported via Property Reporting requirements?

Each party involved in a property transfer, or any change of property ownership details (including change in proprietors, shares and tenancy) in Western Australia will be requested to provide details on the transaction.

View property reporting requirements in WA.

Why is this information being collected?

View about ATO property reporting.

How will the information be used by the ATO?

The ATO proposes to use the information for the purpose of information-matching and ensuring compliance with the taxation laws of the Commonwealth Government. In addition, the information (which will include information about the nationality and residency of vendors and purchasers) is to be used for the purposes of a National Register of Foreign Ownership of Land Titles to be administered by the ATO.

Who else will have access to my information?

Only authorised parties will have access to your information.  The information will not be made available to anyone who does not have a valid reason to access it.

Will my information be secure?

Personal information will be kept separate from the Title Register, which is a publicly searchable record. Personal information will be retained in a secure and encrypted database. They will be uploaded at the required time to the ATO via a secure portal. The portal of data entry will be encrypted and authenticated.

When will the new reporting requirements take effect?

Western Australia already reports land transaction information to the ATO. The requirement for those involved in real property transfer transactions to provide the expanded information specified by the ATO requirements will take effect once the passage of legislation through the WA State Parliament is complete.

What will change for me as a buyer or seller?

Only a few pieces of additional information are required. Until legislative amendments have been passed in WA, the state of Western Australia will only request that buyers and sellers provide this information to support Commonwealth legislation.  Once legislation has been passed, the information will become a requirement on all parties to the transaction.

View property reporting requirements in WA.

Is this going to make property transfers take longer?

Property Reporting requirements won’t affect turnaround times for transfers of land lodged with Landgate

Will the ATO require Tax File Numbers to be provided as part of the settlement process?

No. At this stage the ATO has not specified that the TFN is to be provided.

Who is a self-represented party?

A self-represented party is defined as a person who does not have a qualified legal practitioner or a licensed settlement agent to represent them in a land transaction. If you are a self-represented party, please read instructions carefully before completing the forms. If handwriting, you are requested to use only BLOCK letters to fill the forms out. Every buyer and seller will be responsible for providing the correct information.

Property Reporting Online (PRO) FAQs

How can I access PRO?

If you already have access to EAS2, you will automatically have access to the new PRO and EAS service.

To use PRO you will need to be registered as a MyLandgate account user, your agency must have a Water Corporation ID, and your login ID must be set up for PRO via the Conveyancing Channel.

Register for MyLandgate or contact Customer Service on 08 9273 7373 for further information.

Are there any fees to use PRO?

Yes – PRO incurs the same fees as charged in EAS2 for Electronic Advice of Sale (EAS) submissions. Conveyancers are charged a minimum fee of $13 Inc GST or a 10% service fee on products ordered, whichever is the higher.

There are no fees to provide Government requested information via PRO.

What browsers are compatible with PRO?

Refer to System Compatibility for the latest information.

How do I provide feedback on PRO?

Please see our feedback process (compliment, suggestion or complaint).

How do I report any technical issues or errors?

If you are experiencing an error please provide the below information to

  • A screenshot of the whole screen when you receive the error that you are getting
  • Confirmation that cookies and temporary internet files have been deleted
  • The Browser you are using
  • When was the last time you were able to access the program successfully?
  • Is anyone else in the office, or another computer able to access the program currently?

Should you require further information please contact Landgate Customer Service.

What timeframe do I have to edit an EAS and the information provided to the Government?

For each EAS submission you will be able to submit a maximum of 4 re-enquiries. If you want to amend information other than the settlement date or amend the settlement date after the settlement date has passed, you can submit a new EAS (with new fees) or you can contact all participating agencies directly to request the amendments.

You will be able to edit Government requested information up until the transaction is cancelled or matched with a dealing on the title register

How can I view the status of EAS certificates from agencies?

You will be able to view the status and download certificates from the Water Corporation, RevenueWA and WA Planning Commission by clicking the EAS Responses button on the Review Transaction screen in PRO.

Can I view and edit other conveyancers’ transactions on my dashboard?

You will only be able to view transactions that your MyLandgate account has initiated and been invited to; transactions are not assigned or restricted to particular users of an account. Transactions linked to your MyLandgate account will show on your dashboard (until they are matched) and will be searchable under the Find function.

You will not be able to view the personal information of other conveyancers’ clients; however, you will be able to view the contract and property related fields.

I’m representing a client that I have represented previously, will I have to enter my client’s personal details into PRO again?

Client details are available for up to two years from the last date of entering or selecting their details in PRO. You can use the magnifying glass located next to the client’s name in PRO to search for the last used personal details. Note:the search icon is only available after you click the represent button and it appears next to proprietor’s name.

Can I submit an EAS for multi-lot, share, and multi-lot share titles?

Yes, the service has the capability to process these requests. Note: the property must be group rated, each individually rated property must be lodged individually in PRO.

What can I do if I incorrectly input information into PRO?

If needed, you can find the transaction in PRO and make amendments. You will be able to edit Government requested information up until the transaction is cancelled or matched with a dealing on the title register.

To amend the information with the Water corporation, OSR or relevant LGA you can contact all participating agencies directly to request the amendments.

What instances are not valid EAS lodgements?

The below instances that are not accepted in EAS:

  • Common property in a Strata Plan - EAS requires lot number to be entered. Common property do not have lot numbers and therefore it cannot be entered
  • Land under the Deeds System of land registration
  • Multi-property transactions - you may not receive responses from all the rating agencies. Please submit separate EASs for each property.
  • Leases (i.e. crown title leases)
  • Cancelled certificates of title
  • Parent titles for new strata or subdivisions - the new titles must be issued. Properties cannot be entered against the parent title.

In some of the above instances, a manual enquiry can be undertaken by contacting the RevenueWA.

I’m unable to be registered as a MyLandgate account user, what do I need to do?

If you are a self-represented party or an interstate conveyancer, you are able to download a self-represented party form online.

If you are an interstate conveyancer the following options are available:

  1. Arrange for the self-represented party form to be completed and have the form handed in to Landgate along with the transfer documents
  2. A WA conveyancer with a MyLandgate account can submit it on your behalf

The form can be submitted to Landgate in person at our Perth or Midland office, or via the post.

View our postal and office addresses.

NB: the self-represented party form must be lodged with the Landgate documents (i.e. application, transfers etc). It will not be accepted separately.

My client has two first names without a hyphen, how do I enter this in PRO?

The first name field can only include one first name with no spaces. Any additional first names and also middle names must be entered into the ‘other names’ field. The surname should only include the surname of the person.

This page was last updated on: 23 Nov 2021