Converting common property

Find below a list of PDF 'how to' guides and corresponding forms for converting common property in single tier strata schemes registered before 1 January 1998. The forms can be completed electronically or printed and completed by hand.

Please ensure that all forms are printed in duplex format, that is, printing on both sides of the page. If this format is not complied with, we will be unable to accept your form at the time of lodgement.

The PDF forms you are about to download have been created to allow you to type directly into the text fields on the page. You can make your changes and save the document to your own computer.

Single tier strata scheme merger and conversion options

GuideSizeFormat Form
Ownership of buildings - conversion option 11MBPDFForm 30 
Ownership of land - conversion option 20.2MBPDFForm 32 and Form 39
Ownership of buildings and land - conversion option 1 and 20.6MBPDFForm 33 and Form 39
Converting to survey-strata - conversion option 30.6MBPDFForm 37 and Form 39

This page was last updated on: 04 Mar 2020