Find answers to your most common enquiries about a Current Ownership Name Search Report.

What if there are no results found when the name search is done?

Landgate can supply a report to indicate that there are no current properties owned with the name specified.

How does Landgate distinguish between two or more people with the same name?

The land title register doesn’t hold information like date of births, or phone numbers against proprietor details so there is no way for a report to show the difference between two people with the same name. The report will provide all properties for all people with that name. If required, you can purchase supporting documents such as Transfers to identify co-owners and review signatures to help you identify individual owners.

Can I find out who has searched my name?

This information does not form part of the Public Register. It can be made available to certain government agencies such as law enforcement upon formal request only.

How can I prevent people searching for my name?

Landgate follows the Name Suppression guidelines. There is a name suppression application kit available to download and read from the Landgate website. The kit outlines eligibility, process, and some FAQs.

This page was last updated on: 03 Mar 2020