Titles & surveys

Search for a title, survey or strata plan and associated documents. Simply enter a street address on our home page to find land ownership records, sales history reports and survey or strata plans. The state public register is a trusted source relied upon by business, government and the general community.

A title search is our most requested titling document. It lists current owner/s names and title interests such as a right of way, mortgage or easement.

Survey or strata plans

Survey plans are often requested to show legal boundaries. Three types of plans exist and contain different survey information. Each property lot has only one plan.

Strata reform

WA’s new strata laws will support the growing number of Western Australians who own, work or live in a strata property, as well as those looking to buy.

Strata laws are changing. Anyone who owns, rents or manages a strata property or is buying into one should know about these changes.

Historical records

Landgate is one of the oldest State Government agencies. Discover valuable archives of historical title deeds, plans, charts and photographs.

Property ownership

Find how to lodge documents at Landgate and certify original documents for legal purposes, tips and tools for buyers, sellers and investors and fraud prevention measures.

Forms & fees

Land titling forms, help guides and fee details are available from Landgate. Staff can help you lodge titling forms, obtain copies of Landgate documents or inform you of the progress of your dealing.

This page was last updated on: 11 Sep 2020