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  • Property ownership

    Whether you are buying or selling a property, need to make changes to a title or just seeking general advice, Landgate can help you find the answers you need.
  • SPP-18 Expediting Plans and Documents

    ii) it is demonstrated that:. (a) a party to the dealing will experience financial hardship if the documents or plans are dealt with in Landgate’s standard turnaround times; or.
  • Form lodgement

    Register changes on a Certificate of Title or other associated titling documents by lodging your completed titling forms with Landgate.
  • Landgate Annual Report 2016/17

    As a result, turnaround times for customers have continued to improve and it is pleasing to see this reflected in our high levels of customer satisfaction this year. ... The new system will benefit the land development industry and consumers by
  • SPP-04 Marking Guidelines

    to the land may not be possible at the time of settlement. ... 12. Turnaround estimates checked at. <
  • Landgate Annual Report 2016/17

    This facilitates automated processing for these plans, reducing turnaround times for issuing Certificates of Title for new lots in developments. ... Over time, as surveying firms use the full functionality of the new plan system, Landgate anticipates
  • Landgate celebrates a decade of innovation

    The New Land Registry (NLR™) moved the colonial-era paper titling system to a cloud-based system, providing significant benefits to Western Australians including a 35 per cent reduction in turnaround ... times. This idea, which originally came from a
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Property Reporting requirements won’t affect turnaround times for transfers of land lodged with Landgate. ... When was the last time you were able to access the program successfully?
  • Bulletin No. 344 | 9 October 2020

    It is expected that Landgate’s turnaround times (now updated daily) will remain low, however, industry can mitigate any delays by ensuring all plans and documents are correct and lodged early. ... Queries regarding turnaround times and other plan
  • Bulletin No. 347 | 09 November 2020

    Landgate encourages you to read the full details on the self-lodgement webpage, including turnaround times and a sample LAC certificate. ... Customers are encouraged to complete self-lodgement where possible and should plan office visits around peak

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