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  • BULLETIN NO. 227 | 1 FEBRUARY 2013 TURNAROUND TIMES ... - PDF (106k)

    BULLETIN NO. 227 | 1 FEBRUARY 2013 TURNAROUND TIMES FOR REGISTRATION ACTIVITIES Landgate wishes to advise the property, finance and conveyancing sectors that we are experiencing longer than normal processing times for ... Landgate publishes the$file/CIB227.pdf
  • Bulletin No. 266 | 22 July 2015 Changes to ... - PDF (250k)

    We are looking at operational efficiencies, modernising our systems, and reviewing our current range of products and services to deliver quicker turnaround times and greater transparency. ... With improved turnaround times for eligible documents types,
  • Page 1 of 1 Notice to Surveyors T1/2021 ... - PDF (188k)

    Due to the increased lodgement of Portal Plans during this period, Landgate was able to maintain good turnaround times for plan examination and issue of new titles. ... This continued collaboration and use of Portal Plans will ensure turnaround times are
  • Page 1 of 5 Notice to Surveyors T6/2020 ... - PDF (235k)

    As lodgement activity increases, we expect Portal Plans to retain a consistently quick turnaround time. ... and examined) within two (2) days. Background. Use of Portal Plans to increase efficiency and faster processing times.
  • LU~1UlV1~K 1l~l1UK1V1A11Ul~ . . -_ - DOLA B . ... - PDF (668k)

    This is leading to improved productivity and faster turnaround time. REFERENCE ONLY. ... the office available. for later to account. 3, For a quicker turnaround time, keep priority lists to a maximum of six titles.
  • NOTICE TO SURVEYORS T6/2006 - PDF (239k)

    The Registrar of Titles has recently received legal advice that is contrary to that adopted at the time DLI were transitioning across from the TPDA to the PDA. ... DLI have a maximum 20 working day turnaround from lodgement of each Deposited Plan (DP)$file/T6_2006.pdf

    3. For a quicker turnaround time, keep priority lists to a maximum of six titles. ... This may assist you in targeting a quieter time for the lodgement and collection of search requests.

    Monitoring of Autofax delivery times shows that again, even during the busiest time, the 40 outward modems have reduced the average turnaround time from CRS order until delivery by Autofax to ... Unfortunately, this is not the case as testing of solution
  • BULLETIN NO. 232 | 28 JUNE 2013 NotifyMe: Fee ... - PDF (114k)

    To assist in managing the turnaround times for the registration of land transaction documents, Landgate offered a moratorium on the fee charged for NotifyMe from Saturday 2 February 2013 to Friday$file/CIB232.pdf
  • Landgate annual report 2016/17 Celebrating 10 years as a ... - PDF (6518k)

    The new system will benefit the land development industry and consumers by decreasing turnaround times for issuing Certificates of Title for new developments. ... This facilitates automated processing for these plans, reducing turnaround times for

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