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  • Changes to the WA Transfer of Land Act

    The Sale of Land Act 1970 is within the portfolio of the Minister for Lands and is administered by Landgate.
  • Current Fees

    Current fees for all Landgate services and products.
  • Prepare a strata plan

    Access our strata titles policy and procedure guides for assistance in preparing strata plans for lodgement and registration with Landgate. These guides are best suited to surveying professionals.
  • Town names

    Landgate’s Town name information offers a summary of the origins and other historical information for town names in Western Australia.
  • Bulletin No. 392 | 22 November 2022

    From this time, Duplicate Titles can be kept as a historical keepsake and do not need to be returned to Landgate, destroyed or rendered invalid.
  • MEM-01 Memorials

    All four memorial forms and the withdrawal of memorial form have an information panel (the third panel down) that must be completed by DPaW at the time of lodgement. ... The agreements (and therefore the covenants) may be for a specified time, or,-interests-and-limitations/mem-01-memorials
  • TFR-02 Transfers - Document Preparation

    A transfer of land with additional pages form must be used in all cases where the parties desire not only to transfer land but also to create at the same time ... These changes came into effect on 12 February 2018. To give practitioners time to adjust
  • LOD-05 Request to Expedite the Processing of Plans and Documents

    Landgate’s usual processing times or:.
  • Electronic Conveyancing - Subscriber Compliance

    The correct version of the Client Authorisation form (CAF) which is in effect at the time the CAF is signed must be used.
  • TFR-07 Transfers by an Attorney under EPA or by Administration Order…

    That the incapacity still existed, the incapable person was still alive and the appointment had not been revoked, at the time of signing the instrument.

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