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    demonstrated significant improvement in turnaround times for land registry actions and resolving. ... integrity of operations. The average turnaround time for documents lodged in 2016/17 was 1.5 days, down from 2.5 days.
  • Landgate annual report 2016/17 Celebrating 10 years as a ... - PDF (6518k)

    The new system will benefit the land development industry and consumers by decreasing turnaround times for issuing Certificates of Title for new developments. ... This facilitates automated processing for these plans, reducing turnaround times for
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  • Version 0.1 06/10/217 Page 1 of 1 Did ... - PDF (189k)

    Don’t know the Lot and Plan of a property? You don’t need to anymore; PRO is developed to save your time. ... In case of a title without a street address at the time of the transaction, you will be able to add an address to the best of your knowledge
  • Page 1 of 2 Notice to Surveyors T5/2017 ... - PDF (254k) Page 1 of 2. Notice to Surveyors. T5/2017. Extension of time for feedback. ... This extra time will enable the AHD levelling concepts and other suggestions to be properly developed with appropriate consultation.
  • Self-Represented Party Form A Version 0.1 Page 1… - PDF (255k)

    A completed form should be handed to Landgate at the time of lodgement. ... Line 1:. Line 2:. Suburb: State: Western Australia Postcode:. Property land use at the time of transfer (choose multiple options where applicable).
  • Business Activity Profile March 2017 At a glance… - PDF (806k)

    Time to register a Certificate of Title for a freehold subdivisions, by month Target: 10 days. ... TIME TO REGISTER A TRANSACTION AGAINST A CERTIFICATE OF TITLE, BY MONTH Target: 75% of documents within 5.2 days.
  • FORM T3 - PDF (202k)

    4. 5. Receiving 6. Clerk Registered pursuant to the provisions of the TRANSFER OF LAND ACT 1893 as amended on the day and time shown above and particulars entered in the
  • Business Activity Profile December 2016 At a… - PDF (1112k)

    31.22%. The following table compares current month data with the previous month and the same time previous year. ... Time to register a Certificate of Title for a large subdivision, by month Target: 10 days.
  • Self-Represented Party Form D Version 0.1 Page 1… - PDF (106k)

    Contact name:. Country of tax residence:. Country of incorporation:. Address at the time of transfer (must be street address).
  • Self-Represented Party Form E Version 0.1 Page 1… - PDF (183k)

    Overseas Entity Registration number:. Other Entity ID:. Address at the time of transfer (must be street address).

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