Street Reports

A street report shows sale prices and essential details for property sold in any street or road type. Advanced search filters allow you to tailor your results, so you get the sales records you need the most.

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Street reports give you:

  • Sales history
  • Lot size
  • Sales history for residential, industrial, commercial or rural properties
  • Number of baths and beds
  • Build year, wall and roof type, example: brick / tile.
  • Order confirmation email
  • Results will be in a PDF report format plus and Excel spreadsheet and .dat file/s

Street reports are useful to:

  • Find sale prices for properties in any street
  • Compare sale prices of similar properties
  • Analyse sales performance of a particular street


Street Sales Report103KBPDF
Street Sales Report43KBExcel
Strata Property Sales Report102KBPDF
Strata Property Sales Report43KBExcel

What you need to order:

  • Name of a street
  • Debit or credit card
  • Valid email address

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Find answers to your most common enquiries about street reports.

What is a street report?

Sales reports for a street in a particular suburb contain all sales for each property in the nominated street and suburb.

As these reports can contain a large number of sales they are priced according to the number of sales reported.

A 'calculate price' facility is provided on the initial search screen so that you can work out the cost of your report before proceeding to the payment screen.

What records are included in the sales reports?

There are two options to select from when ordering sales reports:

  • All – Includes all sales and non-sales related transactions that change ownership on a title.
  • Only Sales Records - Includes sales records only, which excludes non-sales related transaction types.

The common non-sales related transaction types include:

  • An Application to change name - occurs when the name of a proprietor changes on a certificate of title, for example when a person is married or divorced and changes their legal name
  • Valuer Adjudicated - sales that have been identified by the RevenueWA and flagged as ‘Valuer adjudicated’ as a result of extraneous circumstances or conditions related to the sale.
  • An Application by a survivor – occurs when a deceased proprietor as a joint tenant needs to be removed from the certificate of title, for example when a surviving husband applies to remove his deceased wife’s name from the title.
  • Transfers to add or remove proprietors – occurs when proprietors are added or removed from a certificate of title, for example a person wants to add their partner to the title so that both their names are listed.
  • Zero-dollar sales – occurs when there is no monetary remuneration between the parties for the transfer of the property, for example parents gifting a property to their child.

Are there any restrictions to the information I can access?

Landgate maintains the official register of land ownership and survey information for the Western Australian State Government. This means that it is a public register and all land information contained in it is available to everyone.

What am I getting charged for?

Certain results contained in these reports may be based on minor updates to previous sales and as such form part of the Price. Given that data is auto collated from various sources, Landgate is unable to distinguish and separate out certain data to cater for individual preferences.

Is there an option to customise sales reports?

Yes. There are some functions that allow you to select custom options, which will change the amount of records that return in the report.
The following options have a ‘custom’ function available to select:

  • Sales date range (you can select the date to and from)
  • Land area (you can type in the land size parameters)
  • Property use (untick irrelevant property use options to narrow your search)

Can I get a property sales report for property outside of Western Australia?

Landgate only maintains the records for Western Australia. For land information from other states, please refer to these official government sites:

Northern Territory
New South Wales
South Australia

How far back in time can I go to get sales history?

Landgate holds property sales information from 1988 onwards.

What does a double asterisk **, triple asterisk ***  and a # alongside a record mean?

A ** noted alongside the sale price indicates that the sales price is a combination of multiple properties and or chattels purchased by the same transaction. Landgate is unable to report the individual amount that was paid for each property within a multiple property sale.

A *** noted alongside a record on the sales report indicates that the record is a non-sales related record that changed ownership on a title.

A # noted alongside a record on the sales reports indicates that the property is a Leasehold Strata Title.

How up to date is my sales report?

If a property has sold recently, or is subject to dealing, it may take up to 6 weeks for the registered sales and ownership information to be updated online.

What does it mean when a property is subject to dealing?

This is to advise that something is in the process of being lodged or happening with a title for a particular property. It may take up to 6 weeks for the registered ownership information to be updated online from the time of document lodgement. You may need to order another copy of the single property sales report at a later date to see the registered details of the dealing.

Please note: Where available pending sale Information is provided in property sales reports.

What is a pending sale?

Pending sales are sales that have not yet been recorded as registered sales at Landgate. Pending sales information is released from the week that settlement is due to occur. It can take up to 6 weeks from the date of settlement for a sale to appear as a registered sale. Some of these records may never result in a registered sale.

What is a registered sale?

Registered sales are sales that are have settled and been registered at Landgate to effect an official change in property ownership.

What is the sale date used in sales evidence?

The date of sale used in Sales Evidence reports is the date that an Offer and Acceptance contract on a property was signed by the parties involved.

Can I subscribe to receive property sales reports on a regular basis?

To subscribe to receive sales reports on a regular basis, you must be a Landgate Account Customer.

What is tenure information and who can order it?

Sales reports containing tenure information can only be ordered by Landgate Account Customers.

If requested, the tenure information that is provided in the sales report is as follows:

  • Seller name/s (maximum of two names supplied)
  • The Certificate of Title number for the property that has been sold
  • Buyer name/s (maximum of two names supplied)

How is the property report price calculated?

The street report contains all sales for each property in a nominated street.  As these reports can contain a large number of sales they are priced according to the number of sales reported.

The price is $22.00 (up to 40 sale/records) plus 50c for each additional sale/record.

A 'calculate price' facility is provided on the initial search screen so that you can work out the cost of your report before proceeding to the payment screen.

This page was last updated on: 16 Aug 2022