SLIPStream June 2017

New SLIP products

Landgate subscription imagery services

The SLIP team at Landgate is pleased to announce that new subscription imagery services are now available. These services are:


Aerial imagery over Perth and surrounding areas as separate layers from 1948 and imagery captured every six months since 2011.

Esri Map Service



Aerial imagery over Perth and surrounding areas as separate layers from 1948 and imagery captured every three months since 2014.

Esri Map Service


WA Regional

All available regional imagery as separate layers dating from 1987 to the most recent available. This includes the most current 1:100,000 aerial imagery tiles, regional and town site mosaics.

Esri Map Service


WA Now

Imagery as whole of state layer configured as a seamless single service. Contains the most current 1:100,000 aerial imagery tiles, regional and town site mosaics; and six monthly refreshes of the metropolitan mosaic.

Esri Image Service

Esri Map Service


For more information, see the Landgate imagery group in

Please note that the following older services will be decommissioned later this year, on a date to be advised.

Landgate understands you will need time to transition to using these new services and we will provide at least three months’ notice before decommissioning the SLIP Classic Imagery Services.


All SLIP Classic (Enabler) Imagery Services

If you require assistance accessing these datasets, please contact Landgate on (08) 9273 7341.

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The SLIP website is moving

A reminder that from Monday 3 July 2017, the SLIP website will redirect you to to access data from the WA state government, including Landgate.

The move will mean one less website you need to use.

SLIP will still be alive and well. It just makes sense to combine information about how to use SLIP with information about other WA open data services at

If you are a SLIP subscriber, information and access to Landgate’s SLIP subscription services will be available at If you have bookmarked links the link will be auto-redirected to the new site.

Please note that at this stage, SLIP Enabler (Classic) data service URLs ( will not be changing as part of the website move.

If you have any questions about this change, please email or phone +61 (0)8 9273 7683.

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SLIP Future program plans for 2017

As part of the changes to SLIP services, Landgate is continuing to implement upgrades to the new SLIP platform to improve its usability and functionality through the SLIP Future program.

Landgate will be providing information to assist you to pick-up new services over the coming months – starting with the new imagery services this month.

To assist you in planning to move to new services, here is a summary of what to expect for the rest of 2017:

Please note that these timeframes are estimates. We will share further details with you as they become available via SLIPStream and the @Landgate Twitter account. We will also provide advice and assistance on how to use the new services through SLIPStream and as they are rolled-out.

You can view a summary of the changes to SLIP services and a list of new URLs.

If you would like further information, please contact or phone +61 (0)8 9273 7683.

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Other changes to SLIP maps and services

From 21 June 2017, both maps and services of the Local Government Authority (LGA) and Land Development package were replaced by the LandInfo WA package.

Please note that all SLIP users of the above packages have been transferred to the new service.

The new URLs for the data services included in this package are:

Esri Map Service



Tenure service

If the tenure service is included in your Landgate subscription licence you can also access and query tenure through the LandInfo WA map:

Esri Map Service



Esri Feature Service

For more information about the layers that make up the LandInfo WA map please visit Data WA (Western Australia's Open Data Portal) Showcase page here.

If you have any queries regarding these changes, please direct questions to Landgate via

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This month we would like to ask you a question!

Instead of an FAQ, you are invited to participate in a short survey about the GIS software you use. It’s just three questions to help us better meet your needs.

The survey will be open until COB on 31 July 2017.

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New team to help you with SLIP enquiries

A new team has been established to act as the first point of contact for all SLIP-related enquiries from customers. The Business Sales and Service team – part of Landgate’s Customer Service team – have been specifically trained to handle SLIP questions and to work with the SLIP experts at Landgate.

Please direct your SLIP questions to:
+61 (0)8 9273 7683 (direct line)
Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm (AWST)

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Signing up to SLIP services

Remember, there is no need to register to access our range of free and public SLIP services at

An even wider range of information is packaged for you through our subscription services at

To register for these services, and for a clearer picture of the opportunities SLIP presents for your business, please contact or phone +61 (0)8 9273 7683.

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SLIP information sessions

To make better use of your time, we will be running future SLIP information sessions to coincide with launches of new products.

We’ll give you a heads-up about the new series through SLIPStream. Dates and times will be published in the SLIP event calendar.

If you have any questions about the changes to the SLIP information sessions and webinars, please email

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Events calendar

For those of you who want even more, here are some upcoming GIS and spatial data events that may interest you:

If you have any questions about these events or have an event that you would like to promote, please email the details to

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New data highlights

A big thank you to the following agencies for making new datasets available through during May and June.

Department of Regional Development

Living in the Regions 1997

Living in the Regions 2011 – Metropolitan survey

Living in the Regions 2013

Business in the Regions survey

Regional Price Index Western Australia

State Records Office

Historical index to government entities

Index to Western Australian group settlement information

Geolocation index for WA townsite plans – AU WA S2168

Department of Parks and Wildlife

DPaW South West Vegetation Complex Statistics

Department of Fire and Emergency Services

Bush Fire Prone Areas 2017 (OBRM-008)

Bush Fire Prone Areas designated on 01-06-2017 (OBRM-009)

More of the new map of Bush Fire Prone Areas 2017

Homeowners and planners can now access updated information about areas that are designated as bush fire prone, by order of the Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner, in Western Australia.

The 2017 edition of the map of Bush Fire Prone Areas shows areas which may be subject to additional planning and building requirements to ensure future developments in bush fire prone areas are better protected from bushfires. This edition identifies both ‘new’ (identified by a blue cross-hatched overlay) bush fire prone areas and those ‘continuing’ (coloured pink on the map) from earlier editions of the map.

The map was introduced nearly two years ago to address key recommendations from the Keelty Report which investigated the loss of 71 homes in Perth's bush fire prone suburbs of Roleystone and Kelmscott in February 2011.

Changes to the bush fire prone areas identified on the map have been determined in conjunction with all local governments and verified by the Office of Bushfire Risk Management (OBRM) for consistency with the Mapping Standard for Bush Fire Prone Areas. Local government has an important role in ensuring that the map reflects local circumstances, and therefore in supporting the accurate and consistent designation of bush fire prone areas across the state.

Landgate combines the bush fire prone areas dataset with property boundaries (cadastral boundaries) to ensure the areas displayed in the map reflect current property boundaries.

Please be aware that the 2017 Map release was accompanied by an update to the Mapping Standard for Bush Fire Prone Areas. The wording of the Standard has been revised to state that designated bush fire prone areas are those shown in ‘pink’ on the map and do not include the ‘non-pink’ areas within a property boundary.

The bush fire planning policy and regulatory framework is available at

The map and further information can be accessed through the DFES website. The datasets for designated bush fire prone areas are also available from for users to access and incorporate into their Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as appropriate.

Community engagement using location data

We thought we’d share some great examples of community engagement using the power of location.

Western Power make it quick and easy to find out about outages through the Western Power outage map.

And you can report a faulty streetlight online:

ATCO gas also offers a service where you can view their projects, which include upgrades of gas mains and services and pressure reduction facilities, gas meter replacements and network expansion design and installation:

The City of Joondalup is getting an Internet of Things park

Telstra has announced that it will trial and deploy a series of smart city Internet of Things (IoT) applications throughout a beachside park in Perth, Western Australia, under a partnership with the city of Joondalup.

The solutions will include environmental sensors that monitor temperature, humidity, pollution, light, and noise levels in real time; 32 smart bins fitted with sensors to notify the local council when they need to be emptied; and a smart car park connected to Telstra's mobile network, allowing the council to see how many parking spaces are remaining and redirect traffic accordingly.

The council said it would use these solutions, alongside a dashboard providing real-time analytics, to improve local government efficiency, obtain information on which areas of the park are being used the most, and reduce traffic.

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