Strata reforms to support vibrant communities

  • ​State Cabinet supports drafting of strata reforms legislation package
  • Reforms to be included in the Strata Titles Amendment Bill and the Community Titles Bill
  • New bills aimed at better dispute resolution, improved management of schemes and regulation of strata managers
  • Enables new forms of strata which will lead to sustainable and vibrant local communities

The McGowan Labor Government has supported the drafting of legislation to reform strata title in Western Australia.

The move is the first major shake-up of strata legislation in 20 years and comes after significant growth in strata living across the State.

The reforms will deliver new development options that will drive economic growth in WA and build vibrant communities.  These include the introduction of community title - a new form of strata which will enable precinct-sized developments that mix residential, retail and commercial uses.

Strata owners will benefit from the regulation of strata managers, better buyer information and being able to quickly and easily resolve strata disputes through the State Administrative Tribunal.

The reforms will introduce safeguards for the termination of schemes.  These will include a full procedural and fairness review of termination applications by the tribunal.  Presently, strata schemes can be terminated with just one owner applying to the District Court.

Leasehold strata, community title and improved strata schemes will also make it easier to develop land next to METRONET lines and above train stations.

This State has more than 300,000 strata lots.  The number is increasing with 40 to 50 per cent of all new land subdivisions being for strata lots.

Comments attributed to Lands Minister Rita Saffioti

"These reforms will facilitate mixed-use development - a key part of delivering vibrant hubs as part of METRONET.

"It also allows for shared community facilities like pools and sustainability infrastructure such as solar panels to be managed more efficiently.

"By providing new strata development options, these reforms will help create vibrant communities close to public transport, infrastructure, facilities and workplaces.

"Home owners will be better protected with the regulation of strata managers and making the tribunal a one-stop shop for strata disputes.

"These reforms are important to the future housing needs of WA and the State Government will be progressing this legislation as quickly as possible."

Strata fast facts:

  • WA has more than 300,000 strata lots;
  • Strata property in WA is currently valued at more than $170 billion and growing;
  • The average sale price for a strata lot is more than $500,000;
  • The trend for community living is growing with 40-50% of current land subdivision strata development;
  • Annual sales of strata lots in WA is at $10.9 billion;
  • There are more than 67,000 strata schemes; and
  • No major reforms to the Strata Titles Act 1985 in 20 years.

This page was last updated on: 11 Sep 2020