Significant increases in March lodgement activity

7 April 2014

Figures released today in Landgate's March 2014 Business Activity Profile (BAP) show significant increases in new and subdivisional lot creations and survey plan lodgements, when compared to March 2013.

With the total number of document lodgements in March 2014 (28,956) increasing by 8.58 per cent from the previous month, it is the following increases which are of significance:

  • new lots created increased by 27.86 per cent in March 2014 when compared to the previous month and by 58.26 per cent when compared to March 2013
  • subdivisional lots created increased by 47.01 per cent in March 2014 when compared to the previous month and by 61.69 percent when compared to March 2013
  • strata lots created increased 49.11 per cent when compared to March 2013
  • strata plan and survey strata plan lodgements increased by 55.75 per cent when compared to March 2013.

Total document lodgements for the 2013/14 third quarter (January – March) also increased by 8.05 per cent when compared to the same period in 2012/13.

Landgate Chief Executive Mike Bradford said the agency had been informed by land developers that they are finalising high numbers of large subdivisions by 30 June, which will result in increased survey plan processing and new title issuing.

"If the figures we've been told are accurate, Landgate is expecting to issue more than four thousand new land titles between now and the end of the financial year," said Mr Bradford.

To address the expected increases, Landgate is implementing a new title cross-training initiative and has temporarily modified the 'lot sync' process requirements for greater flexibility.

Mr Bradford said, "We will still have relevant plans and applications linked prior to final approval from the Western Australian Planning Commission, however previous timeframes are unlikely to be maintained during this period of high activity.

"With the prospect of significant volumes of documentation being lodged with Landgate over the next couple of months, we appreciate the patience and support of our customers during this busy time."

The March 2014 BAP is available on Landgate's website. It provides the monthly total of all documents lodged with sections detailing transfers, mortgages, caveats, searches and other categories of property related documents.

Background Information

For further information, please refer to Landgate's Customer Information Bulletin No. 245 distributed on 27 March 2014 about the expected increases in new title requests.

Notes to editors

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