Landgate enabling local government to assist community

3 August 2010

Outlining products and services available to make life easier for local governments is the focus of a free workshop being run by Landgate.

The workshop, Enabling Local Government, will be held in Midland on August 26. 

Landgate Chief Executive Mike Bradford said the session was designed to ensure all local governments had up-to-date information on Landgate's products and services and to help them maximise their potential. 

"We believe that by knowing what Landgate has to offer and how to use its services and products to their full potential, local governments will be able to reduce their workloads and improve their business processes. 

"This in turn should help their customers with a more streamlined service.'' 

Mr Bradford said a good example of a time saving process for local government was the Local Government Extraction Tool (LGET) which was developed by Landgate in partnership with Digital Mapping Services (DMS) and funded from the Landgate Innovation Program. 

The LGET updates the mapping system which provides the legal boundaries of land giving the precise location and dimensions of the individual land parcels. 

The boundaries change periodically and, in the past, local governments had to manually update the changes which required a huge number of man hours. 

The LGET updates automatically overnight saving considerable time and cost. 

"The workshop is designed to ensure that local governments and other users are aware of the LGET and other products and services and how they can use them to their advantage. 

"We are always looking at developing new products which will make life easier and we often work in partnership with others who have identified specific needs.'' 

The full day seminar will include a number of workshops, providing an insight into: 

  • The Shared Land Information Platform (SLIP) Enabler 
  • Topographic database 
  • Map viewing tools 
  • Spatial cadastral database 

The event runs from 8.30am until 4pm on Thursday, August 26, 2010 at 7th Avenue, 74 Helena Street,

Notes to Editors 

Landgate is Western Australia's primary source of land information and geographic data, providing the accuracy government, business and individuals rely on.

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