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2021 media releases

Media releasePublished
Landgate building revamp to bring more workers and vibrancy to Midland 22/12/2021
Landgate announces  SPUR grants to location technology innovators 15/12/2021
New board appointment for Landgate 10/12/2021
Valuer-General allows 103 objections lodged for 2019 pastoral lease rents 13/05/2021
Remote sensing technology to support pastoral land management 23/04/2021
New locality in South-West ‘Yebble’ honours local Noongar hero 1/04/2021
Mount Misery renamed Bilbiljim in recognition of Miriwoong people 2/02/2021
New locality proposed to honour South-West Noongar Hero 22/01/2021

2020 media releases

Media releasePublished
Lake Disappointment formally renamed Kumpupintil Lake 11/11/2020
New guidelines to promote Aboriginal language for place naming 11/11/2020
Public consultation opens on WA’s newest form of land tenure 09/11/2020
Landgate accelerates six WA innovators 09/11/2020
New Registrar of Titles for Western Australia 11/09/2020
Landgate launches new grant for WA location technology innovators 01/09/2020
Landgate ignites opportunities for WA-based Aboriginal entrepreneurs 29/06/2020
New Chair appointed to lead Landgate Board 24/06/2020
Metropolitan Revaluations Complete 16/04/2020
Landgate celebrates International Women's Day 04/03/2020

2019 media releases

Media releasePublished
New board appointments for Landgate 11/12/2019
Landgate spurs on WA innovators through grants 23/10/2019
Landgate transaction delivers for Western Australia 10/09/2019
Public consultation begins for WA’s strata reforms 13/08/2019
New job opportunities through Landgate’s Graduate Program 07/08/2019
SPURonWA grants offer $100,000 to Western Australian innovators 05/08/2019
McGowan Government’s rental phase-in to help WA pastoralists 25/06/2019
Landgate's International Women’s Day breakfast 08/03/2019
New CEO announced for Landgate 20/02/2019
METRONET receives $185m boost from PEXA share sale 17/01/2019
Next stage for Landgate partial commercialisation begins 08/01/2019

2018 media releases

Media releasePublished
Strata reforms now law following gazettal of legislation 20/11/2018
WA location-based projects spurred on by latest grants 14/11/2018
Strata reform Bills progress to Legislative Council 28/08/2018
Commercial advisor to support partial Landgate commercialisation 28/08/2018
SPURonWA grants offer $100,000 to Western Australian innovators 20/08/2018
New strata title Bill to shape sustainable communities 28/06/2018
McGowan Government rejects sale of Landgate 27/06/2018
Extra time granted for e-conveyancing transition 13/04/2018
Landgate celebrates a decade of innovation 08/03/2018
Landgate a leader in gender equality 06/03/2018
Commercial advisor to assist the Landgate scoping study 02/02/2018

2017 media releases

Media releasePublished
Government scoping study to investigate Landgate options 20/12/2017
Western Australian innovators receive SPURonWA grants for location-based projects 29/11/2017
SPURonWA grants offered to WA innovators for location-based ideas 05/09/2017
STEM students showcase innovative skills at HackED 17/08/2017
New Surveyor General for Western Australia 12/08/2017
Road name changes put community safety first 29/05/2017
Strata reforms to support vibrant communities 22/05/2017
‘Locate’ WA food destinations while watching cooking program 04/05/2017
Subdued WA property market shows mixed signals 10/04/2017
Subdued start to the calendar year for property market 07/02/2017
Rural land buyers better informed through Landgate report 30/01/2017
Western Australian property market at lowest point in more than a decade 16/01/2017

2016 media releases

Media releasePublished
Lowest November in more than 12 years 07/12/2016
Property app start-up benefits from SPUR program 29/11/2016
Landgate wins Premier’s Award for developing the economy 09/11/2016
High number of subdivisions buck downward trend in property market 07/11/2016
Landgate shares expertise with Sri Lanka 01/11/2016
WA’s sense of place explored in new history book 25/10/2016
Landgate supporting local innovation through SPURonWA grants 11/10/2016
WA property sales continue to decline 10/10/2016
August property transactions at six year low 12/09/2016
Landgate nationally recognised for innovation 19/08/2016
HackED delivers innovative solutions to community challenges 19/08/2016
Student ‘hackers’ solving community problems 18/08/2016
New data shows continued decline in the property market 08/08/2016
Lowest property activity in four financial years 11/07/2016
Geographic Names Committee turns 80 11/07/2016
SPUR powered by Landgate - driving business ideas through scholarship 15/06/2016
Rise in property transactions last month but market down overall 08/06/2016
Explore WA’s maritime heritage using Locate 18/05/2016
Strata developments bucking the trend of sluggish property market 05/05/2016
Landgate customers benefit from real-time processing of property transactions 28/04/2016
Lowest March property activity in more than 15 years 11/04/2016
Property market continues slow start to 2016 11/03/2016
Landgate Business Consultant wins 40under40 award 11/03/2016
Landgate celebrates International Women’s Day 09/03/2016
Lowest property activity for a January since 2011 10/02/2016
Strong property market in December despite subdued half-year result 19/01/2016
More options for WA strata owners 08/01/2016

2015 media releases

Media releasePublished
More information for homebuyers 14/12/2015
Property market declines in November 08/12/2015
Property market stabilises in October 06/11/2015
Landgate joins TEDx phenomenon  05/11/2015
Better firefighting tools - a national first 26/10/2015
Downturn in property market continues 09/10/2015
Decline in land document lodgements 15/09/2015
HackED 2015 a huge success 25/08/2015
Tomorrow's leaders take on real-world challenges at HackED 20/08/2015
New Chair of Landgate Board 11/08/2015
Higher subdivision activity in July 11/08/2015
City of Swan and Landgate ready to get growing 23/07/2015
Highs in land document transaction and lot creations 13/07/2015
Eight-year high for new lots created 16/06/2015
Appointment of Western Australia's Valuer-General 15/06/2015
Strata lots the highest in almost a decade 19/05/2015
Land transaction activity above three-year average 17/04/2015
February figures above three-year average for the month 06/03/2015
New lots created in WA highest in six years 09/02/2015
New lot creations continue to increase 12/01/2015
Last chance to have a say on the Strata Title Act Reform 09/01/2015

2014 media releases

Media releasePublished
Financial year to date increases for new lots created 08/12/2014
Landgate records the highest number of lot creations in five years 14/11/2014
Bushfire program wins Premier's Award 06/11/2014
Four-year high for first quarter document lodgements 08/10/2014
Considerable increase in subdivisional lots created 08/09/2014
MyFireWatch wins national iAward 01/09/2014
Increase in lot creations indicate encouraging start to financial year 11/08/2014
Agent alert issued following real estate fraud in ACT 24/07/2014
Solid increase in end of financial year document lodgements 07/07/2014
WA's bushfire information systems winners at IT awards 24/06/2014
E-conveyancing arrives in Western Australia 18/06/2014
Year-to-date lodgement figures reflect continued improvement 30/05/2014
Landgate celebrates WA Day with new and historical imagery 30/05/2014
New lot creations continue to increase 08/05/2014
Significant increases in March lodgement activity 07/04/2014
February figures support improving property activity 11/03/2014
Landgate Celebrates International Women's Day 07/03/2014
New high for January document lodgements 07/02/2014
Half yearly document lodgements record 3 year high 13/01/2014
Landgate receives award for blood donations 13/01/2014

2013 media releases

Media releasePublished
Property activity forecasts look promising06/12/2013
Property activity reflects steady upward trend06/11/2013
Highest first quarter figures in four years07/10/2013
Trends in lodgement figures indicate strong market06/09/2013
Western Australia bushfire prediction program wins national award12/08/2013
Encouraging figures for start of financial year06/08/2013
Record highs for end of year figures05/07/2013
Five year high for April lodgements07/05/2013
Property activity and sales reveal confidence04/04/2013
Landgate celebrates International Women's Day14/03/2013
Substantial increases in February property figures07/03/2013
A stable start to the new year08/02/2013
Property activity figures reveal improving trend08/01/2013

2012 media releases

Media releasePublished
November property figures indicate improving trend06/12/2012
Landgate awards contract to NGIS Australia19/11/2012
Strong property activity trends in October05/11/2012
Landgate Fun Run celebrates 20 years29/10/2012
Landgate announces new Board members19/10/2012
Landgate takes action against land title fraud18/10/2012
Property activity strong in the first quarter03/10/2012
Landgate receives national recognition at customer service awards19/09/2012
August property activity figures reflect strong start to financial year07/09/2012
July property activity shows solid start to the financial year06/08/2012
A first for new State Registrar of Titles24/07/2012
End of financial year property activity signals stability06/07/2012
Landgate raises funds for homelessness22/06/2012
May property activity figures show continued improvement03/06/2012
Student wins Landgate award for excellence29/05/2012
Landgate monitoring seismic activity in the State29/05/2012
International delegation to visit Landgate's satellite facility22/05/2012
Landgate mentors making a difference21/05/2012
April property figures an improvement on last year07/05/2012
March figures indicate stability in the market12/04/2012
Property activity in February takes upward swing12/03/2012
Improvement in January's property activity20/02/2012
Low levels of property activity continue in WA19/01/2012

2011 media releases

Media releasesPublished
Slight increase in property activity for November15/12/2011
Happy 75th Birthday Geographic Names Committee!12/12/2011
Aboriginal Cross Cultural Awareness workshops a hit with Landgate staff25/11/2011
Western Australia's property activity slump continues13/11/2011
A subdued first quarter for property activity21/10/2011
Top Weekly Sales added to Free Property Stats suite14/10/2011
Upturn in property activity27/09/2011
A unique picture of WA on display at Kings Park29/08/2011
Slow start to the financial year24/08/2011
Online mapping tool used to Create A Map22/08/2011
Taskforce investigates real estate scam11/08/2011
Slow start to season in much of WA wheatbelt30/06/2011
Slump in WA property activity unabated16/06/2011
Landgate images help local students09/06/2011
Landgate to contribute to Kingdom of Happiness03/06/2011
Western Australian property activity remains at historic lows12/05/2011
Landgate volunteers15/04/2011
Western Australian property activity remains near record lows14/04/2011
Landgate assists Vietnam with National Resources Project01/04/2011
Property activity falls15/03/2011
Landgate shares innovation success03/03/2011
Capturing creativity to ride brainwaves to success21/02/2011
WA's record dry captured from space08/02/2011

2010 media releases

Media releasesPublished
New push to raise Aboriginal employment at Landgate06/12/2010
Take a journey back in time with Landgate's Map Viewer03/12/2010
Landgate Satellite Remote Sensing host event at Cockburn Wetlands19/10/2010
Keep an eye on a Title with Landgate's TitleWatch05/10/2010
Intensive joint investigation into real estate scams21/09/2010
Free property information from Landgate08/09/2010
Landgate at Perth Royal Show 201007/09/2010
Landgate's Enabling Local Government workshop huge success30/08/2010
Landgate at Dowerin Field Day18/08/2010
Landgate heritage map collection available online for Perth's 181'st Birthday11/08/2010
Landgate to host Vietnamese delegation04/08/2010
Landgate enabling local government to assist community03/08/2010
Landgate recognised at Surveying and Spatial Sciences Conference02/08/2010
Kimberley art from a different perspective18/03/2010
Earth is Art - a new exhibition at Gingin's Gravity Discovery Centre24/03/2010
It's official - Landgate work life balance initiatives among the best in the country!18/03/2010
Free property hot spots05/03/2010
TitleWatch - the easy way to monitor activity on a title04/03/2010

2009 media releases

Media releasesSizeFormatPublished
Landgate technology heads to Indonesia0.03MBPDF29/10/2009
Landgate Chief Executive in Indonesia for major announcement0.04MBPDF29/10/2009
Wineries map goes gold class0.02MBPDF29/09/2009
Get smart when planning a road trip0.02MBPDF01/09/2009
Be a confident first home buyer0.03MBPDF30/07/2009
Landgate's valuation roll extracts0.02MBPDF30/06/2009
New partnership with land information brokers0.02MBPDF12/03/2009
International Women's Day breakfast 20090.02MBPDF05/03/2009

2008 media releases

Media releasesSizeFormatPublished
Landgate creating innovative tools for carbon accounting0.02MBPDF01/12/2008
Self managed superannuation funds' auditors0.03MBPDF06/10/2008
Award winning online system now available to private sector0.03MBPDF02/09/2008
Get the full picture with property finder0.04MBPDF19/08/2008
Satellite imagery gives farmers an eye in the sky0.04MBPDF15/08/2008
Feedback sought on renaming King Leopold Ranges0.04MBPDF16/07/2008
Landgate awards major IT contract to local WA company0.03MBPDF30/06/2008
Bunbury, how you've changed since we arrived!0.04MBPDF27/06/2008
Landgate's Perth Business Office reopens Jun 230.04MBPDF10/06/2008
Nearly 200 years of valuable land information now online0.02MBPDF19/05/2008
Calling all budding astronauts, firefighters and scientists0.02MBPDF12/05/2008

For media releases published prior to 2008, please contact us.

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