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Notification of Landgate Midland building systems maintenance

Released: 18 Mar 2015

Landgate wishes to inform you that it is conducting a scheduled maintenance of the electrical infrastructure at its Midland building during the weekend of 28-29 March 2015. Read more about Landgate's scheduled maintenance.

Strata reform update

Released: 02 Feb 2015

A consultation paper for Strata Titles Act Reform was released and an online tool was used to receive submissions and feedback. The three-month public consultation was open from 31 October 2014 to 16 January 2015. Read more about the strata reform.

MyFireWatch - bushfire information for WA communities

Released: 16 Jan 2015

Cutting edge technology is providing land managers and the broader community with fire information and potentially life-saving early warning tools. MyFireWatch and FireWatch Pro are two locally developed award-winning early warning tools and are helping protect communities from bushfires across Western Australian this bushfire season. Read more about MyFirewatch bushfire information.

Contact centre phone system upgrade

Released: 12 Dec 2014

As part of Landgate's ongoing commitment to continuous improvement we will be upgrading our Contact Centre phone system. This will change the way in which you interact with our Call Centre via the implementation of an Interactive Voice Response system (IVR). Read more about Landgate's contact centre phone system upgrade.

Landgate celebrates WA Day

Released: 30 May 2014

In celebration of WA Day 2014, Landgate has published new and historical maps and aerial imagery of metropolitan Perth and regional town sites in Western Australia on the State's open-sourced, online location information platform, 'Locate'. Read more about Landgate's new and historical imagery in Locate.

Landgate’s maps launched on Google

Released: 31 Mar 2014

WA Today recently published a story about Landgate's involvement in the global launch of Google Maps Gallery – an online, interactive, digital atlas where people can see maps from around the world. Read more about Landgate maps launched on Google.

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Released: 07 Mar 2014

Celebrating the contribution that women make to the workforce and community has been a feature on Landgate's calendar for many years. "Inspiring change" is one of many themes of International Women's Day 2014, and Landgate incorporated this theme at its annual IWD breakfast with two inspirational speakers. Read more about how Landgate celebrated International Women's Day 2014.

Landgate receives award for blood donations

Released: 13 Jan 2014

Landgate has received an award for the highest number of blood donations in Western Australia by an organisation with 500-1000 employees from the State branch of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service (ARCBS). In 2013 Landgate staff made 110 blood donations, which equates to saving 330 lives. Read more about Landgate receiving award for blood donations.

Landgate satellite imagery online

Released: 30 Dec 2013

Landgate satellite image of Tropical Cyclone Christine, taken at 08:33 WST Monday 30 December. View satellite imagery of Tropical Cyclone Christine.

Aurora launched in WA

Released: 13 Dec 2013

The internationally award-winning national bushfire warning system, Aurora, has been launched. Read more about Aurora.

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