More information for home owners and property buyers

New information in Landgate’s Property Interest Report can inform existing owners and new buyers whether a building is on a local government municipal inventory or located in a fire prone risk area.

Local governments use municipal inventories to record places which are of heritage interest within their own locality. Bushfire prone areas identify those areas across the state that is subject to, or likely to be subject to bushfire. This is particularly relevant in the lead-up to the bushfire season.

Landgate Chief Executive Mike Bradford said these are two of more than 70 interests that property buyers and home owners can learn about if they order a Property Interest Report.

“Property Interest Reports have important information about restrictions and responsibilities which may impact on an owner’s use or enjoyment of land,” Mr Bradford said.

“Other interests include whether a property is likely to experience aircraft noise or is near power and water infrastructure”.

Legislation relating to property interests changes over time. Existing home owners who are thinking of renovating or landscaping can learn more about any interests that could impact plans to improve their property.

Purchase a Property Interest Report from Landgate’s website. An up-to-date list of interests currently available in the report and an Interest Dictionary are free tools where you can learn more about Western Australian property interests.


This page was last updated on: 11 Sep 2020