WA to benefit from high resolution satellite imagery

13 June 2013

Higher quality satellite imagery now available for state government agencies.

A new contract between Landgate and Geospatial Intelligence Pty Ltd will provide state government agencies with access to 2.6 million km² of SPOTMaps satellite imagery.

The SPOTMaps satellite coverage will play a vital role in the management of the State's services and resources such as emergency response.

Landgate Imagery Product and Services Manager Matthew Adams said the State will now have a standard of imagery that is significantly clearer through access to a multi-year hosting and streaming agreement.

"The imagery received from the SPOT 5 satellite will particularly benefit those agencies that carry out functions such as the management of emergency response, environmental mapping, planning and infrastructure," Dr Adams said.

"These higher quality images offer more detail and can be observed from a web browser, and in some instances, eliminate the need for field trips.

"This benefit, along with a 99.5 per cent online service guarantee, delivers reliable, accurate and timely information, which is critical when supporting emergency operations."

Dr Adams said SPOTMaps imagery is available at a resolution of 2.5 metres, far superior to images available from other satellites.

"Landgate will coordinate the supply of data across government and minimise the duplication of resources by collecting location data once, then sharing that data across all WA government entities," Dr Adams said.

"Access to this SPOTMaps imagery product as foundation-level datasets for WA has been made possible through the State Land Information Capture Program (SLICP) and supported by the Royalties for Regions funding.

"SLICP is a platform that allows multiple government agencies to share resources and save significant costs when capturing location-based information for environmental mapping, infrastructure planning and development, engineering, agricultural and emergency services."

Under the terms of the agreement, Landgate may provide State Government bodies including local government associations, departments, statutory authorities and government trading enterprises access to the data.

For more information on SPOTMaps visit http://www.astrium-geo.com/spotmaps/

For more information on the State Land Information Capture Program (SLICP), visit http://www.walis.wa.gov.au/

For more information about the Location Information Strategy for Western Australia, visit http://www.walis.wa.gov.au/projects/location-information-strategy-for-wa


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