Address Management Policy

13 August 2013

Custodianship of the Address Management Policy (AMP) has been transferred to Landgate

On 19 June 2013 custodianship of the Address Management Policy (AMP) for the Western Australian Public Sector was transferred from the Public Sector Commission (PSC) to Landgate.

The policy, which was originally released in May 2010, has been extensively updated and reformatted, but the intent remains the same and all key text has been retained. The purpose of the policy is to guide agencies of the Western Australian public sector in the establishment of a standards-based approach to the way address information is collected, verified, managed and exchanged across the public sector.

It was initially expected that agencies would have an Address Management Policy (AMP) implementation plan by March 2013, and be fully compliant by March 2015. However it is understood the majority of agencies have not implemented the policy due to difficulties with how to assess their needs and implement solutions that are compliant with the policy.

Landgate recognises the value of address management and has established the Street Address Improvement Program (SAIP). The purpose of the SAIP is to enable Landgate to formally encourage and coordinate adoption of the AMP across State Government.

In recognition of the cost and resource effort required for agencies to adopt this policy, timeframes for implementation have been extended and a five-year transition period is provided. Public sector agencies should establish implementation plans by August 2015 and aim to comply with the policy by August 2018.

For any further enquiries, please contact Customer Service on +61 (0)8 9273 7373 or email and ask to be passed onto Landgate's SAIP Program Coordinator.


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