Why have you spelt metre incorrectly in the measurement widget? ‘Sq. Meters’?

ESRI is an American product and as a result we are limited to American spelling.

How do I highlight multiple polygons in Map Viewer Plus?

A video is available - please refer to the ‘Selecting multiple polygons’ video for instructions.

Why is the Name attribute on the Pop ups i.e. Cadastral Derivation Points blank?


The Name attribute is blank when there is no name data available

On the map I cannot see some of the labels as other labels are sitting over the top, how do I fix this?


Label conflict should not occur within the same operational layer. If you have multiple Operational layers on, then label clash may occur. Try to pan which should move the labels from conflicting. Alternatively, you can turn off the operational layer/sub layer that is blocking the label.

Why can I not see Property Sales View?

Check to see if you have Land Tenure sub layer turned on. Land Tenure has a ‘fill symbology’ which covers the Sales Layer. Turn off Land Tenure you should then be able to see Property Sales View.

Why is the value in the longitude_dd field in the Attribute table different to the value in the csv?

Excel is formatting the number automatically, if you click on the column itself you will see the raw value. If you change the column to a number with eight decimal points you will see the whole value.

Are there any constraints when using mobile devices?

iPad/iPhone are unable to download CSV and all mobile devices are unable to highlight multiple lots without a physical keyboard attached.

Why does my layer list selection keep changing?

Each time you switch between the different views (Map, Aerial and Hybrid), click on Buy Aerial Photo (historical imagery) and Property Sales View widgets the layer list selection will change to their default selections.

Is it possible to restore my last session?

Yes, simply click on the App state which is displayed in the bottom right hand corner.

I have selected by layer and highlighted some points, where can I access my selected features in the attribute table?

After selecting the features using the Select Widget, you can view the selected features in the attribute table by clicking on the layers Selection actions and selecting View in Attribute Table in the Select Widget.


How do I remove the highlighting on my map?

Go to the select widget and clear your selection.

Why does my App state not work?

If you have recently cleared your cache them the history App state is unable to restore the map extent and layers.

This page was last updated on: 10 Mar 2021