Custom aerial imagery extracts

Custom aerial imagery extracts are sourced from Landgate's extensive imagery repository which includes access to our most recent acquisitions.

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Aerial Imagery provides you with:

  • close to ‘whole of state’ coverage (except East Arid)
  • geo-referenced imagery in the visible (RGB) and invisible (Near Infra-Red) portions of the spectrum (coverage dependent)
  • high resolution imagery (10 to 15cm GSD) for metropolitan, sub-regional centre, aboriginal community and town site areas
  • medium resolution imagery (50cm GSD) for rural areas
  • access to historical (colour and black & white) imagery from around the state

Supply format


Digital data extracts are subject to extraction and data costs. The extraction cost is $191.40 per hour, with a 1.5hr minimum ($287.10). Additional charges may apply.

RGB (GEOTIFF, JPG, ECW, JPEG2000)Rounded Price
Under 1,000MB (per MB) $0.55
Under 25,000MB (per MB) $0.47
Under 100,000MB (per MB) $0.39
Under 250,000MB (per MB) $0.31
Under 750,000MB (per MB) $0.20
Under 1,500,000MB (per MB) $0.12
1,500,000MB or more (per MB) $0.06
Near Infra-red Imagery (GEOTIFF, JPEG2000)Price
0.1 metre resolution per km2$62.00
0.15 metre resolution per km2$28.50
0.2 metre resolution per km2$15.75
0.5 metre resolution per km2$2.60

Note: File sizes measured in uncompressed, native file format

We have a series of standard licences covering the supply of Landgate data for use within a customer's business and for those wishing to operate as a commercial partner.

Descriptions and samples of our licences are available.

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This page was last updated on: 28 Dec 2021