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Perth Parking Policy
Responsible agency
Department of Transport

The Perth Parking Policy places controls over the provision and use of non-residential parking in the Perth Parking Management Area as well as requiring all non-residential parking to be licensed and where liable, pay a licence fee. 


If you own property in the Perth Parking Management Area, you are required by the Perth Parking Management Act 1999 to licence all non-residential parking and pay the appropriate annual licence fee for each parking bay that is used.  Funds raised from the licence fees are used to fund initiatives within the Perth Parking Management that support balanced transport outcomes including the popular CAT bus system, the bus and train Free Transit Zone, cycling infrastructure, as well as a range of traffic congestion management initiatives.

The Office of State Revenue is responsible for revenue collection and maintains property license information.  Any questions on the existing parking licenses and liability, or to request a license application form should be directed to the Office of State Revenue on phone (08) 9262 1223 or by web enquiry to

If developing, or redeveloping the property, owners need to be aware that the Policy imposes restrictions on the amount of commercial tenant parking that can be provided on the site and the provision of this to on-site tenant only.  Restrictions also apply on the location and type of public parking that can be provided. The Department of Transport is responsible for administration of the Act, policy issues and ensuring compliance with the requirements of the legislation. 

For further information regarding the Perth Parking Policy 2012 or the Perth Parking Management Act 1999 please contact the Department of Transport’s Perth Parking information line on phone (08) 6551 6108 or by email to

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