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Titanium - Zircon Mineralization Areas
Responsible agency
Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety
Titanium - Zircon Mineralization Areas are areas in the Swan Coastal Plain where defined resources or possible strategic resources including an infrastructure halo to allow future mining have been identified. These Areas also include a 500m separation area where land use options may be restricted.

The titanium-zircon mineral industry operates in the high-profile settled parts of the Swan Coastal Plain of south Western Australia. Land-use planning initiatives have a major impact on future access to resources; rezoning of rural to urban uses and creation of potentially sensitive developments can act to restrict or prohibit mining. Showing the distribution of the Titanium - Zircon Mineralization Areas of known deposits are an essential dataset needed by State and local Government agencies and authorities to enable planning to avoid setting up the scenario where deposits are sterilized.

The dataset defines resources with an infrastructure halo to allow for mining infrastructure to be set aside for future mining. The dataset includes a 500m separation area around the Strategic Mineral Resource Protection Areas where land use options may be restricted. Areas that may contain titaniumzircon mineralization but where a resource has not yet been demonstrated are shown as possible strategic resource areas and land use options may be restricted in parts of these areas. Digital outlines are also included for mineralization that has already been sterilized and areas that have been mined.

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05/07/2017 18:46:43