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Sewer Infrastructure - Infill Sewerage Program
Responsible agency
Water Corporation
Water Corporation administers the Infill Sewerage Program which is a system of pipes that takes wastewater away from domestic and some commercial properties for safe and healthy processing and disposal. 

Sewerage pipes are usually placed as new land is developed and before new homes are built. However many areas in Western Australia developed between 1950 and 1975 used septic tanks and leach drains for wastewater disposal. Not all of the areas approved for service by septic tanks and leach drains were suitable for such systems. The Infill Sewerage Program is currently installing central wastewater systems to developed but un-sewered residential properties in Perth and country cites and towns. When the current Program is completed, approximately 100,000 households in Western Australia will have been given access to the central wastewater system reducing the leach drain run-off into the environment.

The Infill Sewerage Program is one of the biggest single capital works programs undertaken in Western Australia and is an investment in public health and the protection of the environment in the future.   By eliminating the use of septic tanks the potential threat they pose to groundwater is removed.  In addition, potential threat to bird and animal life and the ecosystem in general is also mitigated.

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