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Register of Transferred Plot Ratio
Responsible agency
City of Perth
Transfer of Plot Ratio is an incentive available to landowners of places of cultural heritage significance and those in conservation areas, whereby they can sell a portion of the unused development potential of their site to another landowner. The Register records such transfers.  

Plot ratio is a measure of development intensity, and the Transfer of Plot Ratio (TPR) constitutes an incentive to conserve heritages places by transferring a portion of the ‘rights to develop’ from the site of the heritage place to a receiving site (or sites) where the exercise of those rights will not adversely impact on the cultural heritage of the city. While Transfer of Plot Ratio is intended to assist in the conservation and enhancement of sites with heritage buildings, it is important to remember that TPR is merely one mechanism that will need to work in conjunction with others in fulfilling the heritage objectives of the Council.

The transfer of plot ratio specified in Clause 27 and the Plot Ratio Plan of City of Perth Planning Scheme No. 2 will be facilitated, under the provisions of Clause 34, from sites which contain a place declared by the Council to be significant and worthy of conservation and which cannot be developed satisfactorily, to another site.

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24/06/2015 22:26:29