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Building and Construction Industry Training Levy
Responsible agency
Construction Training Fund Board

The Building and Construction Industry Training Levy is used to support training for people working within the building and construction industry, and is payable prior to the commencement of a project or upon application for a building license. 


The training levy is applied to all residential, commercial and civil engineering projects undertaken in Western Australia where the total value of construction is over $20,000.

The rate of the levy is 0.2% of the total contract price (inclusive of GST) or $200 in every $100,000 worth of project value.

The project owner pays the levy when an application for a building permit is made to the Local Government Authority.

In the case of a residential building project, the project owner is the registered builder. With civil engineering projects or where a building licence is not required, the project owner or manager pays the levy directly to the Construction Training Fund.

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