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Local Heritage Surveys
Responsible agency
Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage

A Local Heritage Survey is a list of places within a local district which are, or may become, of cultural heritage significance. Listing in a Municipal Inventory does not give a place legal protection, but it may be protected by other statutory provisions such as inclusion in the Heritage List of a local plan, or listing in the State Register of Heritage Places, or by a Heritage Agreement or Protection Order.


The creation and maintenance of a Local Heritage Survey is a requirement of the Heritage Act 2018.

The document may also be known under its former title of Municipal Heritage Inventory. Care should be taken to differentiate between the Local Heritage Survey and the Heritage List, which is maintained by the local government as part of the local planning scheme.

The entry of a place in a Local Heritage Survey is recognition of its heritage significance to the local community. Places entered in a Local Heritage Survey do not have legal protection at the local level unless they are also included in a Heritage List. Places can also be protected at the State level through the Heritage Act 2018. If there is a statutory interest under this Act it will be included separately in this report.

The decision to enter a place in the Local Heritage Survey rests with the local government and is generally guided by consultation with the wider community and input from a heritage professional. It does not require owner approval or consent.

A Local Heritage Survey assists local governments to:

  • Provide a cultural and historic record of the local district;
  • Determine local government conservation policies; and
  • Provide information about local heritage that may be required under a local planning scheme for that district.

A copy of the Local Heritage Survey is also provided to the Heritage Council for public information and details are published in the 'inHerit' online database. There are more than 25,000 places in the place

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