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Development Control Area (Swan and Canning Rivers)
Responsible agency
Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (Swan River Trust)

The Development Control Area is the geographical area under the management of the Swan River Trust (formerly known as the Swan River Trust Management Area).   Development approvals, licences and permits are required for activities occurring within or adjacent to this area. 


The Development Control Area includes the waters of the Swan and Canning rivers and adjoining parks and recreation reservations – extending upstream from the Fremantle Traffic Bridge to Moondyne Brook on the Avon River, to the Lower Diversion Dam on the Helena River, along Southern River to the Allen Road crossing and the Canning River to its confluence with Stinton Creek.

Development approvals are required for land within or adjacent to this area.  Under the Act the Swan River Trust must ensure that land use and development on and next to the rivers maintains or enhances community access and enjoyment.  Important river conservation values must be protected.

Who should know more about Development Control Areas?

Anyone interested in development on or near the rivers, who may be applying for development approval (for example landowners, developers or consultants), assessing/advising on development applications (for example local and State government) or simply be an interested community member.

Supporting our local environment

The Swan River Trust was established in 1989 as a State Government agency responsible to the Minister for the Environment.  The Swan River Trust works with local, State and Commonwealth governments and the community to protect and enhance the ecological health and long-term community benefit of the Swan Canning river system.

Key features of the legislation include:

  • Establishing the Swan Canning Riverpark;
  • Developing targets for river use and environmental health;
  • Improving coordinated management of activities which may affect the rivers;
  • Enabling more streamlined and flexible assessment of planning approvals;
  • Introducing the option to use River Protection Notices to manage activities that affect the rivers; and
  • Increasing opportunities for public involvement in planning and decision-making.

The main focus of the new legislation is to develop better ways for government, industry and the community to work together to sustain the health and uses of the rivers.

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