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Fishery Management Plans, Notices and Orders
Responsible agency
Department of Fisheries

Fishery management plans, notices and orders are legislative tools for the management, utilisation and conservation of fish and their habitat. 


The Department of Fisheries is responsible for the sustainable development of Western Australia's fisheries. The FRMA regulates the management of, and utilisation and conservation of fish and their habitats (including all aquatic organisms except reptiles, birds, mammals, amphibians). The FRMA provides a number of tools for managing fish resources. These tools include the Fish Resources Management Regulations 1995 (FRMR); management plans; notices and orders.

Management plans are developed to ensure the management and protection of a fishery. Notices and orders may prohibit all fishing (closed waters) and fishing by certain fishing methods, by species, or by persons or a class of persons.

Management plans, notices and orders are all forms of subsidiary legislation (i.e. made under a written law and having legislative effect). To understand all management ‘rules' in place for a particular fishery, it is important to consider all types of subsidiary legislation that may apply as well as consider all relevant Acts. For further information, and to access compiled versions of the management plans, interim management plans, notices and orders made under the FRMA for the State's commercial fisheries, see

For an overview of fishing in WA, the State of the Fisheries Report is published annually to provide a detailed level of reporting on the management of fish stocks and their environment undertaken by the Department of Fisheries. To access the report see

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