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Bush Forever Areas
Responsible agency
Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage

Bush Forever is a strategic plan to retain regionally significant bushland which aims to conserve at least 10 per cent of each of the original 26 vegetation complexes of the Swan Coastal Plain portion of the Perth Metropolitan Region, and to protect threatened ecological communities. 


The Bush Forever area boundaries circumscribe areas of bushland and adjacent areas which are ecological linkages.  Bushland is defined as: 'land on which there is vegetation which is either a remainder of the natural vegetation of the land, or altered, is still representative of the structure and floristic if the natural vegetation, and provides the necessary habitat for fauna'.  Bush Forever is a 10 year whole-of-government endorsed policy to protect 51,200 hectares of regional significant bushland, within the Perth Metropolitan area of the Swan Coastal Plain.

Bush Forever sites are mainly in government ownership, with only a small proportion owned by private landowners.  These sites have been selected according to defined criteria, including:

  • The size, shape and condition of the bushland;
  • The bushland has 10 per cent representation of a particular vegetation type;
  • The bushland contains rare or threatened species or threatened communities; and
  • Other issues such as social and economic values.

If your property falls within a Bush Forever area, any new development will need to be consistent with the objectives of the State Planning Policy.  Landowners should ensure land use and development is compatible with bushland protection.

For more information contact our office on (08) 6551 9000, or see

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