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Water Corporation Private Pressure Sewer System
Responsible agency
Water Corporation

This property is connected to Water Corporation's sewer by a privately owned Pressure Sewer System.

  • The Private Works has a hydraulic design to achieve a maximum flow rate discharged from the pressure main
  • For an existing pump station where the maximum and minimum discharge flow rates are unknown:
  • The Owner shall not increase or decrease the discharge rate of the Private Works without obtaining written permission from the Corporation.
  • As the Private Works will be discharging into the Corporation’s gravity sewers, the Owner shall install and maintain the Private Works, in accordance with the design submission and Plumbing and Drainage Standard AS/NZS 3500- Part 2.
  • Where part of the Private Works lies in other private land, to immediately notify the Corporation should permission be withdrawn for the continued access by the owner to the Private Works.
  • To ensure the pressure main is emptied a minimum of once a day.
  • The Corporation may discontinue the Service if the permission for continued access by the Owner to the Private Works route in a reserve or another lot is withdrawn or if the Private Works are altered such that it no longer conforms with the Corporation’s approved design submission.
  • The Corporation is not obliged to provide an alternative wastewater service:

i)   if access permission for the Private Works is withdrawn or revoked, or

ii)   if the Corporation’s sewer is relocated or discontinued, or

iii)   If permission for sharing a pressure main is revoked.

  • Should the Corporation extend a sewer that permits a gravity connection to the Land, the owner is to connect to that gravity main within 12 months of being notified of a Connection Point. The Owner agrees to pay costs associated with the disconnection of the Private Works, and connecting to the new Connection Point.

For more information please contact the Water Corporation on 13 13 95 or for more information.

Date updated
25/11/2020 12:29:33