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Water Corporation Pressure Exempt
Responsible agency
Water Corporation

Your property receives water pressure over 100 meters head, which is higher than the standard pressure range. High pressure may cause damage to pipes and appliances.


Our Water Services Licence requires us to provide water pressure within a standard range of 15 to 100 metres head (mH) in the metropolitan area, and 13 to 100mH in regional areas. Metres head is the measurement used to determine water pressure and it refers to the height (head) which water rises vertically in a pipe.

Water pressure generally varies between different households. Typically, due to the topography and contours in the land, where it's difficult to ensure consistent range of water supply through the pipes. This is common in the Perth hills and some regional areas.

They are 2 types of Pressure Exempt ranges depending on the level of pressure in the area.

100mH to150mH and over 150mH

For information on pressure exemptions and managing your pressure, visit

Date updated
25/11/2020 12:29:59