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Water Corporation Beneficiary Lot Water and/or Sewer
Responsible agency
Water Corporation

Properties which have not contributed to the cost of the sewer or water main extension for which that extension now provides connection are deemed a "Beneficiary Lot" and are required to pay Standard Infrastructure Contributions (SIC) upon connection.


Infrastructure contributions are one-off charges, payable for works up to the property connection point on a property that will increase the potential demands on the existing water or wastewater. Payment of an infrastructure contribution is required at the time of requesting a service and acceptance of these contribution represents a commitment by the Corporation to meet that potential service demand in perpetuity. At service connection, the infrastructure contribution amount is assessed, and is payable before any service is connected.

If a water and/or wastewater service is available for your property, you will need to pay annual service charges, even if you choose not to connect to it.  

For more information please contact the Water Corporation on 13 13 95 or

Date updated
25/11/2020 12:33:21