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Local Government Heritage List
Responsible agency
Local Government Authority

A Heritage List is adopted by local governments under the local planning scheme for that district. It outlines the places that will be subject to the heritage provisions of the local planning scheme. 


A heritage list is adopted by the local government to identify those places that are considered to be of cultural heritage significance and worthy of conservation.

Single residences included in a heritage list do not receive the normal exemption from planning approvals and therefore require a development application for most works. The local government may also offer incentives for the retention and conservation of heritage places through the planning scheme and other mechanisms.

Information detailing the reason for the property's inclusion in the list, and applicable planning provisions and incentives, will be available from the relevant local government.

For more information contact the local government or the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage on (08) 6551 8002 (in regional areas Freecall 1800 52 4000) or at, or see

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