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Water Corporation Non-Standard Services (Private Fire Service)
Responsible agency
Water Corporation
The majority of water, sewerage and drainage services provided by the Water Corporation throughout WA are standard services and are subject to standard service conditions. However, there are some non-standard services that the Water Corporation provides. A Private Fire Service is one type of non-standard service, and additional charges and/or conditions may apply to the provision of this service.

As stated above, the Water Corporation provides non-standard services, which can include but are not limited to the following services:

  • Private Fire Services
  • Farmlands
  • Non-standard Connection

A Private Fire Service is usually only associated with multi-residential and commercial properties, but they can be required or exist in relation to other types of properties. Firefighting requirements for buildings are outlined in the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and Australian Standard 2419 . Individual Local Councils are also responsible for ensuring that the appropriate fire protection design requirements are included in a building.

The provision of a Private Fire Service by the Water Corporation is subject to terms and conditions, which amongst other things, require owners of properties with a Private Fire Service to maintain the Private Fire Service and undertake repairs (where necessary), up to the Property Connection Point. They are also liable for other costs and have other obligations in relation to the service.

For full details of the owner’s responsibilities and obligations in relation to a Private Fire Service see:

For more information on Non-Standard Services see:

Please order a Property Interest Report to find out if your property is impacted by this interest,

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