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Intensive Agricultural Industries
Responsible agency
Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development
The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) is responsible for advice to the state's agrifood industries and other government agencies on activities such as dairies, piggeries, tanneries, abattoirs, feedlots, saleyards, vineyards and commercial chicken production facilities.  DPIRD associates such activities to land management units (properties) through the Client Property Database. 

DPIRD maintains the Client Property Database to manage the interactions between the Department and its clients in relation to the management of agricultural land described as a spatial unit known as a Property.  Activities are recorded against properties.  For the purposes of this interest, properties where agricultural activities which may produce environmental air and noise emissions have been identified, and a buffer distance applied around these properties.  Activities selected and associated buffer distances are based on 'Guidance for the Assessment of Environmental Factors (in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1986) Separation Distances between Industrial and Sensitive Land Uses No. 3', published by the Environmental Protection Authority 2005.

The selected activities are Abattoir, Animal Feed Manufacturing, Dairy, Poultry, Compost Manufacturing and Soil Blending, Feed Lot, Horse Stud, Piggery, Leather Tanning and Fur Dressing, Market Garden, Mushrooms, Orchard, Sale Yard, Seed Cleaning, Stockyard, Vineyard, Winery.

Where a range of values for buffer distance are stated, the largest value has been used in the generation of buffers around properties.  Where multiple activities are recorded against a property, these are listed and the activity with the largest buffer distance used to generate buffers.

Where a property is an EPA Licensed Premise, the license number(s) and purpose(s) are listed, see

Where a property is recorded on the National Pollutant Inventory, the category is shown, see

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