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Public School Local-Intake Areas
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Department of Education
Many public primary and secondary schools have local-intake areas. Students of compulsory school age, and residing within the local-intake area of a school, are entitled to enrol at that school if it provides an appropriate educational program.

Public primary and secondary schools without local-intake areas are known as non local-intake schools. Students of compulsory school age, irrespective of their residential address, are generally entitled to be enrolled at a non local-intake school if there is an appropriate educational program and classroom accommodation is available.

The descriptions of all schools with local-intake areas have been published in the WA Government Gazette. Local-intake area maps are based on the written description. The line on a map that borders the local-intake area for a school is often known as a ‘school boundary’. Although the boundary line shown on the map closely follows the Gazetted local-intake area description, for dwellings near the boundary (especially on street corners) it may be necessary to refer to the written description.

While the local-intake areas of most schools do not often change, changes may be made to existing local-intake areas as required.

The local-intake area descriptions for public schools with local-intake areas are shown under Schools Online on the Department of Education’s webpage. Maps are generally available for schools with local-intake areas in urban areas. Some public schools in rural areas with very brief local-intake area descriptions contain insufficient information to enable a map to be prepared with an enclosed boundary.

All public primary and secondary schools in Western Australia are declared each year in the WA Government Gazette as being either a local-intake school or not a local-intake school. Under Section 60 (1) of the School Education Act 1999, notices are published in the Government Gazette that:

  • declare schools to be local-intake schools,
  • declare schools not to be local intake schools, and
  • define the area from which a school with a local-intake area is to have its intake of students.

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