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Possible Road Widening
Responsible agency
Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage

Some property in Western Australia can be affected by an existing or future road widening reservation. Land which is affected by a road widening reservation in a Region Scheme can generally remain in private ownership until the constructing authority requires it for its intended purpose. This road widening information is contained in the Metropolitan Region Scheme(MRS), Peel Region Scheme(PRS) and the Greater Bunbury Region Scheme(GBRS).


The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) acquires properties reserved under region schemes for road purposes, which includes land reserved for primary regional roads or other regional roads and could include land protected under a planning control area.

The WAPC acquires reserved land on a long-term strategic basis and mostly acquires land at the request of landowners. Land which is affected by a reservation in a region scheme can generally remain in private ownership until the government needs it for road purposes. The land affected by the road widening reservation can be either the whole or part of the Lot.

You can obtain information regarding the zoning's and reservations of your property by obtaining a statutory certificate, either a clause 42 (MRS), clause 47 (PRS) or clause 53 (GBRS) from the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage. Note this does not include Local Government Authority road widening or Main Roads WA controlled roads, not currently reserved under the MRS.

Each certificate referred to above incurrs costs and the applicant is required to complete an application form and supply a photocopy of the Certificate of Title and Strata Plan (if the land is a strata lot). Registered users of Landgate's Conveyancing Channel can order the certificates online for an additional service fee.

If the lot is affected by a road widening reservation, the certificate will have a sketch showing how much of the lot is reserved. This reservation is depicted on the sketch by the use of dimensions along the land boundaries, enabling the applicant to see how much of the property is affected.

If the lot is not affected by a reservation, then the certificate will state how the land is zoned by a written description only, for example,  "The whole of the land is zoned urban", and no sketch of the lot will be shown.

Information contained in the Property Interest Report is for indicative purposes only, all applications for certificates MUST be made via the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage approval process.

For more information about your property and the region schemes please visit, or phone (08) 6551 9000.

For clause 42, 47 and 53 application forms please see, This link also advisers you on the benefits of registering and submitting your application electronically.

Further information can also be found in the Development Control Policy 1.7 General Road Planning, see

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