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Heritage Council - Agreement
Responsible agency
Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage

Heritage Agreements are entered into between a property owner and the Heritage Council or another public authority on behalf of the State to ensure the long term maintenance and/or conservation of a place. 


A Heritage Agreement is a legally binding contract that sets out a framework for the long-term conservation and maintenance of a place.

Heritage agreements are commonly used in situations where there is an identifiable risk to a place - usually resulting from a proposed development or other activity - that can be mitigated by a heritage agreement being in place. A heritage agreement typically imposes certain obligations on the property owner, such as short, medium and long-term conservation works.

Heritage agreements are typically signed 'in perpetuity'. Future owners are bound to the obligations imposed by a heritage agreement that is registered on a property's certificate(s) of title.

Should a development or subdivision be proposed for a place that is subject to a Heritage Agreement, the proposal will need to be referred to the Heritage Council before being approved by the relevant decision maker.

For more information contact the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage on (08) 6551 8002 (in regional areas Freecall 1800 52 4000) or at, or see

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