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Water Corporation Sewerage (Wastewater) Service Charges
Responsible agency
Water Corporation

An annual service charge applies to all properties with access to our sewer (wastewater) main.


Sewerage charges are based on the rateable value or Gross Rental Value (GRV) of the property. The rateable value is the Gross Rental Value of the property (or estimated gross annual rent) which is determined by the Valuer General. Charges are calculated by multiplying a rate (cents in the dollar) by the GRV and may be subject to minimum or maximum charges. 

Sewerage charges for each business property are based on the number of major fixtures (e.g. toilets and urinals) connected to sewer. In addition, charges may apply for assessed discharge to sewer.

For more information on residential charges, see

For more information on business charges, see

For more information contact our office on 13 13 85.

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18/11/2019 11:58:53