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Demolition Permit
Responsible agency
Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety
The Building Act 2011 commenced on 2 April 2012, introducing a new building approval process for Western Australia.  A Demolition Permit is required for all buildings to ensure that all requirements for the demolition work are met. 

A Demolition Permit ensures that all requirements for the demolition work are met.  The system for getting approvals for demolition permits does not change significantly under the new Act.

The requirements include:

  • Utilities are notified (Electricity, Water, Gas and Telecommunications) and are aware of the demolition work ongoing,
  • Identified the number and location of any septic tanks on the site,
  • The Demolition Contractor is qualified to undertake the demolition work,
  • That rodent baiting has been done and inspected by the local government,
  • If the demolition is likely to adversely affect other land, that permission has been given for the work to affect the other land,
  • That permission for the demolition work has been given by the Heritage Council if applicable.

A Demolition Permit can be obtained from our web site, see

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06/07/2017 19:00:58