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Aboriginal Heritage Places
Responsible agency
Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage

Aboriginal Heritage Places are any places or objects that are of importance and significance to Aboriginal people, or have historical, anthropological, archaeological or ethnographic interest. 


The Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 manages the Register of Aboriginal Heritage Places. The Register is updated on a daily basis.

Under section 17 of the Act it is an offence for any person to excavate, destroy, damage, conceal or in any way alter any Aboriginal site or in any way to alter, damage, remove, destroy, conceal, or deal with in a manner not sanctioned by relevant custom, or assume the possession, custody or control of, any object on or under an Aboriginal site, unless he is acting with the authorisation of the Registrar of Sites under section 16 or the consent of the Minister under section 18.

To make an application under section 16 or 18 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 please call (08) 9235 8067.

For more information contact our office on (08) 9235 8052 or see

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