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Building Permit
Responsible agency
Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

All new buildings and incidental structure alterations to existing buildings and incidental structures are to be approved by the grant of a building permit by the relevant Permit Authority, in most instances this will be the Local Government Authority. 


Before commencing with a new building or incidental structure, or alteration to an existing building or incidental structure, the building plan and specifications must be submitted to the Local Government Authority for approval. The plan and specifications must conform with Building Act requirements and prescribed approvals under the written laws including planning in order for a building permit to be granted. Under the Planning and Development Act 2005, local laws may prescribe the limit and characteristics of buildings in a district (eg height, location, purpose and dimensions). For further information about building in your area, contact your Local Government Authority. For a directory of Local Government Authority websites, go to:

For more information contact our office on 1300 489 099, or email, or see

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06/07/2017 18:58:56